See this note on ethics before attempting these exercises.

Note: exercises marked with IL use the Immersive Labs Platform.

  1. Introduction to Hash Functions
  2. Hash Functions in Python & Java
  3. Computing HMACs in Python
  4. Computing HMACs in Java
  5. Introduction to Symmetric Ciphers
  6. Symmetric Ciphers in Java
  7. Hybrid Encryption in Java
  8. Digital Signatures in Java
  9. Digital Signatures With Minisign
  10. Secure Randomness in Python & Java
  11. Password Hashing
  12. IL Password Cracking Tools
  13. IL Network Scanning
  14. IL Packet Analysis
  15. IL Exploring Ransomware
  16. Buffer Overruns
  17. Basic SQL Injection
  18. IL Advanced SQL Injection
  19. Classic Web Vulnerabilities
  20. Bypassing Web Authentication
  21. IL Unrestricted File Uploads
  22. Homograph Attacks
  23. IL Pen Testing With Metasploit